QCF002101 Level 3 (CS32) - Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm

 Course Code:

QCF002101 Level 3  (CS32)

Course Description:

This is a 3 day course that covers the felling and processing of tree greater than 380mm (15 inches) in diameter. This course prepares candidates for an asessment that covers the NPTC unit CS32.

Suitable For:

This course is suited for people that are intending or are required to fell trees in excess of 15 inches diameter 


CS30 and CS31


This course will take 3 days to complete and a 4th day is required for assessments. All 3 days of the course will be spent onsite learning to fell larger trees.


9am - 5pm (approx)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the risk assessment and emergency procedures on site

  • Select equipment required for safe and effective felling

  • Fell trees over 15 inches in diameter safely and accurately using an appropriate method

  • Sned and or de-limb trees

  • Crosscut stems that are over the guide bar length in diameter to a given specification

  • Select suitable winching equipment required for the take down of larger trees

  • Take down a hung up tree with a winch

Equipment Required:

  •  Waterproof clothing

  • Chainsaw protective gloves

  • Chainsaw protective boots

  • Chainsaw protective trousers

  • Helmet with visor and ear defenders

  • Chainsaw with a 15 inch guide bar


The total cost of the course is £450 + VAT this includes both registration and assessment fees


During the 4 days candidates will need to provide their own packed lunches unless they have previosly ordered from the local pub

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