Tim Rose

I am a Lantra approved trainer delivering courses at our training centre in Oxfordshire. Your site can also host the training you are looking for. Check out the 'Your Site Training' page under the training courses drop down menu. As a Lantra approved trainer I experience the satisfaction of aiding the next generation of men and women going forward as foresters and arboricultural operatives after having successfully completed training and assessments organised by us. 

Our arboricultural contracting business Treetops caters to the more discerning client and has done so for over 15 years. Our services include; felling, dismantling and the use of advanced rigging techniques. We install cable bracing and perform all types of pruning from rope and harness, pole dismantles, the production of professional tree reports, right through to the selection and planting of whips to very heavy standard trees.

My passion for the natural world is reflected in my style of teaching. Our landscape both urban and rural are managed by us and those we teach. We all have a responsibility not simply to preserve it as a museum piece but as a sustainably diverse resource. This is a global challenge for all of us. 

We aim at TargetArb to exceed best practice in the delivery or arboricultural and forestry training. 

You can find me on LinkedIn